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John & Christine Erkkila

John and Christine have been boating all their lives and building boats together for 25 years.

Most notable have been two 18m Given motorsailing cats aboard which they have travelled to remote parts of the Pacific, cruising and gamefishing. The same boatbuilding team has developed Whitecloud under John and Christine’s direction. Both directors have contributed to the final result, which has developed out of their extensive time on the water, starting in trailer boats before moving into small launches and subsequently the cats. John is the ‘ideas’ side. His input and brilliant ideas feature throughout the boat. In fact there isn’t a single part of the fitout which hasn’t involved his knowledge and design.

Craig Wild, Designer & Head Boat Builder

Craig Wild is part of a boatbuilding dynasty; his father Bob Wild and great uncle Col Wild, and their boats, are part of boating folklore. Craig was part of the development team at Buccaneer Boats for well over a decade and then moved to join the Erkillas to build the two Given cats. Craig designed Whitecloud before beginning construction of the timber development boat. He then refined the design and began building the final design. The finish of every millimetre of Whitecloud is faultless; a testament to Craig and his team’s skill and determination to get the best possible result.

Mike Rendle, Sales Manager

Mike Rendle is the author of How to Go Boating and Where and has also contributed to the ideas around the fit out and cockpit design of the boat.

He is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Whitecloud Boats. If you need more information please contact him on 0274 941 627 or at

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