Whitecloud boats are manufactured in Hamilton, New Zealand. All the fibreglass work, assembly, trailer construction, stainless, upholstory, electrical and electronic work is completed onsite using our trusted team. 


Built for trailerability. Only a Class 2 licence is required to tow it. This can be easily obtained after a short course. As mentioned elsewhere, the trailer is a new class and has been designed and engineered from scratch specifically for the purpose, in conjunction with DMW Trailers.

Use of Space 

The space aboard the boat is incredibly well utilised. The cockpit is huge. The forward cabin has 4 berths plus a large separate head with standing room and a domestic-sized shower. There is storage for game rods under the forward bunks and voluminous general storage all around the boat.

The Cockpit

We have designed the cockpit to have a completely flat floor with no intruding motor box. This was done by shifting the engine forward, where the weight works best, and using a jackshaft to drive the duoprops. We believe Whitecloud has the largest cockpit of any comparable boat of its size. Whether for family cruising, diving or serious gamefishing, there is space for every requirement.

Motor Access

The motor resides under the centre cabin floor. The whole floor lifts on gas struts to give complete 360 degree access to everything. Again the space is incredible and servicing is cheaper because everything is right there. For daily checks there are hatches over the water and oil access points.

Centre Cabin

The raised centre cabin has the cooking facilities in modules either side. The sink unit top folds long-ways to create a big bench area. A very large sink, cooker, fridge and even a completely recessed barbeque on slide rails, hide away in the modules.

The Dash

A fully equipped dash has easy access for servicing all the major electrical and electronic items. Oversized seats are well placed for long-range comfort. A fully networked Furuno electronics package is installed.


A substantial fuel tank has been fitted to increase the endurance of the vessel for long-range fishing or multi-day adventures. The water tank is also large and there is plenty of space to store more if required.


The hull is fully engineered and the construction methods well proven. Everything is modular meaning that unlike other large trailer boats, we can fully customise to suit every owner’s specific requirements.

Service & Maintenance

Because the boat is trailerable, we are able to shift it around the country for owners or to tow it for service or repair at our facilities. Even if their vessel doesn’t have a trailer we can arrange to move it as we will have a service trailer available.


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